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The new "Magnum Quest" is about to meet everyone! To express gratitude for the adventurers' long-standing support and anticipation of MQ, we will introduce a special server for old players on the day of the public test. Simply log in with your bound account to receive exclusive benefits for returning players via in-game mail.

In addition to the special perks on the exclusive server, former paying players can also claim vouchers with a 100% refund based on their historical cumulative purchase amount.

☘︎ Scope of welfare compensation: All players with bound accounts as of the cut-off time before the new version update.
☘︎ Please note: Each player with the same account can only claim exclusive benefits once, so be sure to bind your account before the version update and log in to the game using the bound account.

☘︎ Welfare Compensation Details
1. This event will provide compensation for all purchases made by adventurers within the welfare compensation scope from August 12, 2021, to the present.
2. If you have multiple characters and have made purchases on all of them, the voucher will be issued based on the total purchase amount across all characters under your account.
3. Vouchers equivalent to 100% of the cumulative purchase amount will be issued without an upper limit.
4. Adventurers within the compensation scope will receive compensation rewards by logging into the game, which will be delivered through in-game mail.

☘︎ Voucher Distribution Method
1. Veteran players, upon reaching level 6 in the exclusive server, can claim vouchers through the "Welfare" button in the event ''Exclusive Gifts for Returning Players''.

☘︎ Voucher Description
1. Vouchers are game items that can be used to purchase all direct purchase paid content within the game.
2. When purchasing paid content within the game with a price lower than the quantity of vouchers held, you can use vouchers for payment. For example: if you have 100 vouchers, you can purchase paid content priced at 100 vouchers or below, but you cannot buy content priced over 100 vouchers.
3. Vouchers permanently exist in the inventory and do not expire.

☘︎ Notes
1. Each account can only claim the exclusive benefits for returning players once.
2. After updating the version, please use the account that was bound before the update to enter the exclusive server and participate in the rebate event.
3. After the update, you can confirm the account you are logged into by navigating to the main interface, clicking on your avatar, selecting game settings, and accessing the user center.
4. If the account you logged into is not the one previously bound, please use "Game Settings" and select "Switch Account" to log in with your bound account.

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